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Per case of 12 bottles. For collection from the club only the club is not able to send wines.

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Club White Burgundy

Mâcon Christian Collovray & Jean-Luc Terrier

13% abv

Calling it “Club White Burgundy” does not do this wine justice, for it is not a generic Burgundy but a Mâconnais wine. Christian Collovray grows quality fruit in this southernmost part of the delimitation then Jean-Luc Terrier makes it into a terroir-driven wine of incredible value for money. Both men originate from Davayé, a small village just outside Mâcon, where they eventually established their winery. The village is surrounded by beautiful vineyards planted between the two limestone rocks of Vergisson and Solutré hence “Domaine des Deux Roches”, the name they gave to their first venture in 1986. There, the chardonnay grape yields much fatter wines, with rich apple and peach fruit and a slightly smoky minerality that often has people believe that it is matured in wood though it is not. The wine is partially fermented in oak, yes, but one can hardly talk of wood influence. If anything, the complexity of this wine is the result of lees ageing. On the palate, the wine is somewhat creamy. Green apple, pear and lemon bring freshness to its aromatic profile while peach and nectarine add juiciness to the long finish. The quality of this wine owes it the title of club favourite. It is refreshing enough to drink as an aperitif and full-bodied enough to accompany rich fish and white meat dishes.