Club rules

The rules are extracts from the Articles of Association and the Rules and By-laws. The main committee, on behalf of all members, charges the management with upholding the agreed rules and by-laws. It is incumbent upon all members to advise their guests of the following rules.

Dress code

Members and their guests are expected at all times and in all areas of the club house to be dressed in a manner appropriate for a formal club. A Member or guest not so dressed may be asked to leave by the Secretary or by a senior member of staff on duty at the time.

Gentlemen should wear business attire or a jacket, including collar and tie, with tailored trousers.

Ladies should dress in smart separates, elegant dress or business attire. Trousers should be tailored. Formal boots up to calf length in keeping with a smart outfit are acceptable.

Casual wear is unacceptable. Examples of which are leather clothing, denim type material, polo-neck sweaters, tracksuits, t-shirts, shorts, mini-skirts and leggings, training shoes, deck shoes or similar casual footwear.

The only exceptions to the dress code are when going directly to and from bedroom accommodation or the gymnasium via the main entrance of the club house.


Members are responsible for the observance by their guests of all rules and by-laws and for their conduct in general while they are in the club house. Guests are not permitted without the member being present in the club house.

Members are to ensure all guests are signed into the Guest Book located in the front hall.

Guests are not permitted to purchase food, alcohol or tobacco in the club house, all of which must be paid for by the hosting Member.

Members may have only one guest room booked at any one time and the maximum number of consecutive nights permissible for all room bookings is 21.

No unauthorised guest is permitted on the bedroom floors at any time.

Use of mobile phones and business papers

Mobile phones and all electronic devices are prohibited in the public rooms of the club house except for use ‘on silent’ in the East India Room or Library. Business papers are strictly prohibited in all public areas.

The New York Room is available for impromptu meetings or business use and has facilities for email and internet access.

Public areas

Coats, hats (ladies excepted), umbrellas, briefcases, business papers or other articles are NOT permitted in the public rooms and must be deposited in the cloakroom or lockers and not left in the front hall.


The club shall not be responsible and accepts no liability for any item left within the club house. The club house operates a CCTV system for the security of the premises, it’s contents and all who use it.

Extracts from the Articles of Association, Rules and By-laws. A full copy is available from reception.