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The East India Club, in the heart of London's clubland, has a long tradition as a gentlemen's home from home.

Founded in the middle of the 19th century, its original members were 'the servants of the East India Company and Commissioned Officers of Her Majesty's Army and Navy'. The legacy of those early members, home on furlough from far flung lands, continues today. As a private club, only open to members and their guests, the club still provides a refuge and meeting place for busy young men and their more seasoned seniors.

Since those early days, the club has amalgamated with the:

Sports Club in 1939, which had a small membership but among them were some of the most famous sportsmen of the day, who brought with them associations and privileges from which this club still benefits. 

Public Schools Club in 1972, brought the J7 scheme, which encourages school leavers to join under advantageous terms which helps ensure the future of the club. 

Devonshire Club brought notable members and much-needed money when they merged with us in 1976.

In addition a number of former members of the orginal Eccentric Club joined in the 1980's when their Club closed. Their clubhouse in Ryder Street was where they dined the Lord Mayor of London in their year of office. That privilege transferred to the East India, and remains a most popular function.

The amalgam has been a happy one, possibly because together, as their titles suggest, the component parts reflect the very best diversity of English tradition. The club retains its international dimension through its reciprocal arrangements with similar clubs throughout the world.

Waterloo 200 The original house in which the Club was founded was noted for being the location where Wellington's dispatch from Waterloo was presented to the Prince Regent. In honour of this unique connection the club is pleased to be a founder member of Waterloo 200. Further details can be found by visiting

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