The EIC Polo section currently has a thriving spectating, social and competitive calendar. We are a social section first and foremost with a number of us meeting on a regular basis for drinks and/or dinner. We regularly train but is dependent on availability and level of experience.

The section mainly trains at Conroy Polo and we welcome everyone from those who have never been on a horse to professional players.

We operate 3 levels of membership and it would be great to see you at our next event:

Full members: £25

J7 membership: £20

Mail Only: Free

Please feel free to sign up below or get in touch with any of the below members to find out more information.

Head of Section

Daniel Odutola


Daniel Drewek

Fixtures (HMC/Clubs)

Tomas Camprubi

Fixtures (Universities)

Ollie Beyrich


Arsenio Solovyev


Ben Tangney

Spectating (low goal)

Harman Gill

Overseas (joint)

Seb Binns

Overseas (joint)

Rory Hunt