How to apply

All applications must be from gentlemen 18 years of age or older and must be presented on the official application form available from the Membership Secretary's office or by downloading it here

The categories of membership are Town, Country and Overseas, and the rates vary according to category and age. Town membership applies to gentlemen who either have a residence or a place of business within a 50-mile radius of the clubhouse as at the 1st January.

Method of application

  1. Letters from both proposer and seconder should accompany the application form stating fully the position of the candidate socially and otherwise, his qualifications for membership and the length of time they have known him, which should not ordinarily be less than two years.
  2. It would be of assistance to the committee if the candidate could also be supported by members other than the proposer and seconder.
  3. J7 applicants (those who apply for membership within 18 months of leaving a school affiliated to the Headmasters' Conference) may only be proposed by their Headmaster. No seconder is required.
  4. The son of a member need only be proposed by his father. No seconder is required.
  5. A candidate's proposer and seconder must have been members of the club for at least two years.
  6. A candidate may be required to attend an interview.


In accordance with its constitution, membership of the East India is available only to gentlemen. To accommodate ladies wishing to enjoy a similar facility you are recommended to:

The University Women's Club with its attractive clubhouse in Mayfair.

Full details are available from their web site