Extraordinary General Meeting Form Of Proxy


Before completing this Form, please read the Explanatory Notes below.




  1. A Member may appoint a Proxy of their own choice. Such a Proxy must be the Chairman or a Member of the Club entitled to attend and vote at the Meeting. If you wish your Proxy to make any comments on your behalf, you will need to appoint someone other than the Chairman and give them the relevant instructions directly.
  2. If this Form is returned without any indication as to how the Member appointed as your Proxy shall vote, they may exercise their discretion as to how they vote or whether they abstain from voting as your proxy. The Special and Ordinary Resolutions set out above will be conducted by way of poll vote rather than on a show of hands.
  3. To be valid/ effective, this Form must be completed in accordance with the instructions and submitted no less than 24 hours before the time fixed for holding the Meeting or adjourned Meeting.
  4. Ensure you have entered your full name and membership number for your proxy from to be valid.